About Our Club

The NW Tulip Trekkers is an outdoor walking club based in the coastal counties between Seattle and Canada. We promote recreational walking for all ages, through scheduled group walks, AVA-sanctioned volkswalks, a monthly newsletter and occasional meetings. This walker's network provides information about local and out-of-town AVA-sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. The Trekkers Club is designed for the AVA-member walkers and for individuals and families who just want to walk for the fun and fitness. 

Membership dues are $5.00 per individual and $10.00 per family. Dues cover the cost of  club incidental expenses. There is an additional expense if you would like the club monthly newsletter mailed to you: $5 to US, $10 to Canada. NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME ANYTIME!!

If you are interested in joining the Trekkers, or if you would like more information about our Year Round Walks or Volkswalking in general, contact Curt or Martha Myron at 360-679-3638 or at e-mail traveler8477@gmail.com.

Club Officers:
President: Tim Fisher: 425-626-0492, gotdisc7@gmail.com 
Vice President: Joe Pepia, pepia46@comcast.net 
Treasurer: Barbara Lynn, johnandbarb44@hotmail.com 
Secretary: Margaret Quick, mquick6465@gmail.com 
Trailmasters: Tom Stabile, tandmwa@frontier.net 
      Sue Payton, wishome@yahoo.com 
Webmaster: David Wesley, dowes3@comcast.net 
Newsletter Editor: Joe Pepia, pepia46@comcast.net